«The cloaks and cowls gave them a monastic look, but these six men were men of science, not religion. They dealt in life and death. They were doctors. As they drew closer he could see their masks clearly; bone-white beaks curving in a predatory hook from the dark cowls. The masks were frightening enough, but the reason for them even more ominous. They were his Medico delle Peste. Plague doctors. They were six scholars, men of letters from good families, all schooled at the best medical academies, one for each of the six sestieri of Venice».
Marina Fiorato’s romance and historical novel unfolds in the darkest period for the great city – during the plague that people tell legends about even nowadays. Maybe it was the first evidence of the bacteriological warfare – it’s know for a fact that this terrible disease was brought to Venice from Turkey. The novel starts with the fatal moment – the plague is already spreading across the city. The old doge understands that it’s no use hoping for a miracle. The only way the save the city is to find a talented doctor who will be able to stop the Black Death. And also to build a magnificent temple – the symbol of the faithfulness and gratitude to the Almighty. By the way Marina Fiorato is on trend, her novel resonates with Dan Brown’s new book “Inferno”. These two novels thematically complement each other so perfectly that they should be read in tandem. At home The Venetian Contract became the bestseller. The first Russian edition is for those who appreciate the high quality printing: fancy cover design, excellent paper, unique fonts.

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