We've brought to market the audio version of Adam Robinson`s book THE BEST TEAM WINS.

paper edition
audio version 

"The Best Team Wins is an exceptional how to guide for defining, sourcing, selecting, and retaining the best talent. Anyone committed to improving talent will relish the specific and applicable ideas and tools in this book". 
– Dave Ulrich
Our impact extends beyond the Russian media! The British magazine RUTAGE which publishes the most recent and interesting information for the Russian-speaking community in London – the most successful, intellectual and educated audience, has published the announcement of our books (New Year issue, December 2017-February 2018). The books made it into the "Gloves off" business section.

RUTAGE is a competent source of information and ideas, success stories, opinions of the famous Londoners, covering all aspects of the London Lifestyle!
The largest, professional and most expensive Russian design studio which creates book covers for the largest publishers in Russia, the most renowned design studio in Russia – Art Studio of Artemy Lebedev published a announce about "THE BEST TEAM WINS" and the link to the process of the making of the book cover for the Russian edition.
We've brought to market the audio version of Hermann Simon`s book CONFESSIONS OF THЕ PRICING MASTER.

paper edition
audio version
We've arranged a announce and extract about THE BEST TEAM WINS on the biggest, the most influential and reputable Russian web-portal for managers E-XECUTIVE.RU. The article announcement is on the first page of the web-site (Business-Education section). Is goes like this: "How to measure the value (profit, financial, gain) of the recruiting?". Very intriguing!

E-xecutive.ru portal is the largest Russian community of managers aiming for the professional growth. This project was initiated in 2000 by Ward Howell company. The participants of the community exchange knowledge to increase their competencies and as a result – their own value on the job market. The portal publishes the articles, interviews with the professionals from different business areas and also best book reviews on business, marketing, economy, human resources and interpersonal communication.
We`ve placed THE BEST TEAM WINS announcement on the leading Russian professional and book websites:






Renowned book blogger-columnist has placed his review in the announcement.