In an quaint picturesque corner of Moscow, where the snow-white swans glide along the mirror-like surface of Chistye Pond and where branchy willows, lime trees and chestnuts bloom on the banks and where in winter the oldest and the most beautiful skating-rink is open – in this extremely popular place, at Chistoprudny Boulevard, 12/4, a sweet cozy cafe, Black Milk, has opened. Over a cup of delicious hot coffee and a treat with blueberry jam and cinnamon from the special French bakery, DELIFRANCE – you can enjoy reading one of our books available at the cafe.
Our Publishing House acquired rights to the book  Haching Growth.
We've arranged a announce about THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd on the most influential and reputable Russian web-portal for managers: www.e-xecutive.ru. The article announcement is on the first page of the web-site (Business-Education section). Is goes like this: "What`s the difference between small and medium size company marketing?". Very intriguing!

E-xecutive.ru portal is the largest Russian community of managers aiming for the professional growth. This project was initiated in 2000 by Ward Howell company. The participants of the community exchange knowledge to increase their competencies and as a result – their own value on the job market. The portal publishes the articles, interviews with the professionals from different business areas and also best book reviews on business, marketing, economy, human resources and interpersonal communication.
The most reputable journal “about the most important aspects in the work of any CEO: people management, financial management and strategic management – The CEO magazine (№5, May 2017) publishes a big interview with Georg Tacke and Madhavan Ramanudjam, the authors of "MONETIZING INNOVATION" (dedicated the whole two double-page spread).
The largest, professional and most expensive Russian design studio which creates book covers for the largest publishers in Russia, the most renowned design studio in Russia – Art Studio of Artemy Lebedev published a announce about "THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN" and the link to the process of the making of the book cover for the Russian edition.
We are proud to announce a new book (paper edition and ebook) by Alexey Ivanov - advertising man, dubbed by Runet "the Russian Ogilvy", the author of the well known slogans "It's good to have a house in the village", "Savinov - the caramel country!", "NUTS - a tough nut!" 

A new book is a compilation of the author's interviews for the largest Russian business media, abundantly illustrated with the photos never published before.