The largest, professional and most expensive Russian design studio which creates book covers for the largest publishers in Russia, the most renowned design studio in Russia – Art Studio of Artemy Lebedev is making the cover for THE BEST TEAM WINS.
The most reputable and influential Russian business journal "CCO trade magazine" – The Commercial Director magazine (№9, September 2017) publishes a big interview with Allan Dib, the author of "THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN" (dedicated the whole two double-page spread).

Out of thousands of books published in Russian every month only 1-2 best books appear in the "Business" section of the magazine (no more 10-20 books in year)!
We are proud to announce the publication of Sean Ellis`s and Morgan Brown`s new excellent edition fundamental book HACKING GROWTH: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

Just a few authors can be proud of such a high-quality printing of their books. Brilliant translation, outstanding printing, cardboard binding 3 mm, 3D tactile varnish and red foil 50 micron, silk ribbon, beautiful white paper 100 gram of highest quality, individual thermo stencil cover, stylish black and white illustrations, thick cover smooth to the touch, beautiful the pattern make this book fabulous! The cover was created in the most reknowned and expensive Russian design-studio - Artemy Lebedev's Studio. M-m-m... Real masterpiece! It will be an attention grabber on your bookshelves, a jewel of your book collection!

We've brought to market e-edition of the book in 14 formats for cell phones, e-readers, computers and smart phones.

Top managers of the world`s 20 leading companies gave praise and reviews for the book:

“In an increasingly erratic business landscape where new competition can emerge overnight, customers’ loyalties can shift unexpectedly, and markets are constantly being disrupted, finding growth solutions fast is crucial for survival. Hacking Growth provides a compelling answer to this urgent need for speed, offering companies a methodology for finding and optimizing new strategies to increase their market share and quickly.” — Eric Ries, bestselling author of The Lean Startup

“It used to be that designers and engineers were responsible for developing new products, data teams were responsible for number-crunching reports, and marketers were responsible for acquiring and monetizing as many customers as possible. But today’s companies can’t afford to be slowed down by organizational silos. Here, growth-hacking pioneers Ellis and Brown show how to break down those traditional barriers and marry powerful data analysis, technical know-how, and
marketing savvy to quickly devise and test ways to fuel breakout growth.”
— Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked

“Ellis and Brown have accomplished what we’ve been talking about for twelve years, which is to compile and organize an accurate view into the inner workings of an emerging discipline. Their wisdom (plus the anecdotes and stories) have rarely been discussed outside of a small circle of people, and they give real insight into how digital growth hacking is done at the highest levels. As all companies become digital, this is a must-read for anyone in business.” — James Currier, managing partner, NFX Guild

“There is nothing more important for any business than attracting users and customers to your products. The tools to do this in today’s online-driven world are very different from the past. Hacking Growth will teach you how to think like a marketer of tomorrow. You will learn how to do deep data analysis, and how to think about developing features into your products that drive growth directly.” — Josh Elman, partner, Greylock Partners

“Marketers realize that marketing as we’ve known it will be replaced by growth hacking. So what is it, how do you do it, and why do you need to? Morgan Brown and Sean Ellis help you ask and answer those questions in this brilliant book, made for those new to the art and science on how to hack growth.” — Geoffrey Colon, Communications Designer at Microsoft and Author of Disruptive Marketing

"Two of the best marketers I know, Morgan Brown and Sean Ellis, have written a fun and accessible guidebook to growth hacking and marketing. If your mandate is to drive high leverage growth, then is book is your new best friend." — Patrick Vlaskovits, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hustle and The Lean Entrepreneur

"Hacking Growth is the definitive guide to building authentic, sustainable, compounding growth for your company. If you want to know how proven growth practitioners at fast-growing companies do what they do -- pick up this book." — Annabell Satterfield, Growth Mentor, 500 Startups

"A terrific book [that] belongs up there with Geoffrey Moore, Eric Ries and Steve Blank’s books as a fundamental part of the canon of StartUpLand." — Jeff Bussgang, Harvard Business School Lecturer, and general partner at Flybridge Capital Partners
The lagest online ebook megamarket LITRES.RU presents Allan Dib’s new audiobook "1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN".
The Expert Magazine  one of the most influential weekly business analytical editions in Russia, the unquestionable leader of the Russian business magazines, №30-33 24.07.2017-20.08.2017 (special issue), dedicated the whole page to the brilliant big review on the fundamental work of Georg Tacke and Madhavan Ramanujam MONETIZING INNOVATION.

~ The book offers a new path to the innovation monetization
~ The authors thoroughly discuss different types of monetization - from subscription to freemium, pointing out their pros and cons
~ Step by step they lead the leaders to the main principle of their work as consultants: innovations must be developed based on the price, not vice versa
Our Publishing House acquired rights to the book THE BEST TEAM WINS: Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring.