45 Methods to Captivate People, Make a Powerful Impression, and Subconsciously Trigger Social Status and Value
Learn the elements of magnetic charisma.
The Science of Social Intelligence, you'll have over 30 studies, new and old, broken down in a way that answers the question, “How can I use this science in my everyday life?” Rely on findings from psychology, cognitive science, and behavioral economics, rather than one person’s anecdotal advice of what works. This book is a truly in-depth look at the concept of being socially intelligent, maximizing the social opportunities you are given, and leveraging your unique strengths to have the relationships you want. In a time where most advice takes the form of “make more eye contact” and “smile more,” this book stands out.

Learn how to make a powerful first impression.
The Science of Social Intelligence pairs the raw human behavioral data and findings with the insight and emotional intelligence of Patrick King, sought-after social skills coach and internationally bestselling author. The result is half textbook, half field guide for whatever your social goals may be.

Understand what makes people tick (even if they don’t).
- What popularity in high school really requires.
- The true psychology of being positive.
- The two way street of perception and how it impacts your relationships.
- Be likable without appearing manipulative.
- The three things everyone wants to talk about (as well as what to always avoid).
- How to be emotionally calibrated and attuned to people.
- The toxic habits you need to break for social success.

Social intelligence unlocks everything you want in life. It gives you the ability to walk into a room and feel (1) at ease, (2) excited, and (3) walk out accomplishing exactly what you want. This could be romantic, career-related, or just with friends - social intelligence allows you to excel in any situation.The likability you create is what will move you forward in life. Social intelligence is the invisible hand that boosts people and gives them opportunities, not just luck or being ridiculously good looking.
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