TOM WOOD is a pseudonym for Tom Hinshelwood.

Tom is a freelance editor and film-maker born in Burton-on-Trent, and now lives in London.

His first novel, The Hunter, was an instant bestseller and introduced readers to a genuine antihero, Victor, an assassin with a purely logical view on life and whose morals are deeply questionable. A cultured man with a dislike of swearing and what appears to be a form of OCD, Victor is one half bad guy, one half Sherlock Holmes, a Bourne-like hitman as cold as the modern world.

All of Tom’s four Victor novels – The Hunter, The Enemy, The Game and Better Off Dead – and one short story (Bad Luck in Berlin) to date have been acclaimed by readers and critics alike, and he is currently working on a fifth Victor novel, The Darkest Day, which sees Victor going one-on-one with a female assassin named Raven in New York in the midst of a blackout.

Studiocanal and the director of Taken, Pierre Morel, are currently adapting The Hunter for the big screen.

A true man’s man, like Victor Tom is passionate about physical sport, being both a huge boxing fan and practising Krav Maga martial arts, which has recently seen him sustain a number of injuries. He has not, however, ever killed anyone.

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