7 DAYS TO LIFT OFF. Direct flight to success
“7 days to lift off. Direct flight to success” is a seven-day analytical workshop that would benefit not only new and upcoming entrepreneurs but also seasonal professionals of the
Hospitality industry as well as adjacent areas.

In his inimitable narrative style, the author, who’s been labelled as the ‘enfant terrible’ of the Russian bar and restaurant sphere, unflinchingly exposes the underbelly of the
Hospitality industry and provides a step by step guide to creating a successful project from start to finish.

The unique attraction of this book is in that Bek Narzi – a renowned industry professional, who’s been included in the Havana Club list of the 10 best entrepreneurs in the world, uses a wealth of examples from his own biography as well as many business case studies of his competitors and contemporaries, offering his readers actual life hacks and ideas that are based on reality, and not simply theoretical knowledge. It’s the author’s blood sweat
and tears that are presented on the pages of this book, experience that has
cost him millions of dollars, several years of his life and a lot of grey hair.

As the classic saying puts it: "A human being is born for happiness just like a bird is born to fly" – "7 days to lift off" is a book about how to take flight and not miss out on the infinite possibilities of successful entrepreneurship.
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