Vast majority of the business world players are challenged to lead professional and personal life at the peak of their abilities. In order to live and work at full capacity, you need high performance efficiency and the ability to manage it. Today many of us understand that there's only one way to manage your performance efficiency  that is to control your energy. But most of us don't have a clue how to do it.

This book is a self-help manual about the unique method of controlling the performance efficiency and quality of life for all professionals of the intellectual field. This book will help you to master basic techniques and methods of managing your energy and to build your own individual operating system to control your performance efficiency and the quality of life.

Any businessman who implements this system in his life will be able to get rid of the permanent lack of energy, chaos, rush and distress and become successful corporate athlete 
 i.e. successful player in the highly competitive corporate world. The world where productivity, efficiency, profitability, speed and accuracy are the supreme values.

This book will teach you to become successful professional, to live a full life and work at the peak of you abilities 
 and at the same time to be happy, balanced, joyous and content with your life. There's nothing superfluous in the book, only the practical instruments of managing your work efficiency and quality of life, integrated in a operation system which has proved its efficiency in practice time and time again  in the most severe conditions of the Russian business world. 

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