ITIHASA. Book one. The Sacred mountains
“Itihasa” is a Sanskrit word meaning “that’s exactly what happened”.
The beast, devouring the demons, is out there. The guardians are searching every ravine. What will rescue him – the young demon? His strength and rage or love and magical skills of the mighty beautiful priestess? When two loving hearts unite nothing can stop them – nor a legion of dreadful creatures from the underworld, nor the baleful army of the vile lord, nor the betrayal of the mentors. And maybe he will become a human? But how can he trust the men? Who are these mysterious creatures – humans and what are they doing on this Earth? Drawing on the broad ethnographic and folkloric material the author recreates the living pictures of the life in the Ancient Altai.
The book is for a wide audience, interested in the still amazing and mysterious Gorny Altai.

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