THE BEST TEAM WINS: Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring
Reduce Hiring Risks and Predict Success 

New Mindset 
In The Best Team Wins, author Adam Robinson gives you a proven, straightforward, and effective method for hiring new employees. He teaches you how to rethink the process of finding, assessing, and hiring the right people.

New Methods 
Robinson, a recruiting professional with over twenty years experience, shows you how to: 
~ Use a Data-Driven Job Profile to Assess Candidate Risk 
~ Build a Candidate Scorecard 
~ Rate the Candidate's Core Competencies 
~ Ask the Right Questions to Dig Deeper in Interviews 
~ Craft an Offer the Candidate Can't Refuse

Better Results 
By following Robinson's in-depth process, you can eliminate guesswork and focus on building a team that will bring value to your company's culture and bottom line.
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