UNBELIEVABLE. Paradoxes in advertising, business and life
This book is the sequel of the bestseller “Against the Common Sense” which made it into the list of “top 10 books in 2010” according to the magazine “CEO”.
Which words signify new inventions or discoveries in advertising, marketing or business? Not “Eureka!” as we are used to think since childhood. How can you make a client read carefully your advertising during two hours? How do Coca-Cola and Pepsi get millions of dollars waging wars against each other? What’s the secret of an ordinary sewage pipe cleaner which suddenly got famous all over the world? How are fish scales connected with the selling of the roofing materials? How can we get the constant flow of clients from our competitors? You think it’s impossible? For the real marketing specialists and entrepreneurs these are the most exciting, the most welcomed words. After the phrase “Strange, it can’t be true…” begins the most interesting part in advertising, business and life.

The new book by Aleksey Ivanov is published in the premium-segment. This gift edition includes 408 pages and 204 illustrations. Fancy design: cardboard cover 4 mm thick, silk ribbon, two types of embossing, rounded corners, varnish on the cover, coloured book-edge, wrapped in stencil.
Yum-yum… it’s a jellybean, not a book! (If you give it to your manager, he won’t fire you.)

Is in the list of  TOP-10 books of the Non-fiction bookfair 2012

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Exceptional gift for an entrepreneur, partner, colleague on the New Year, on his/her birthday, and for no reason at all!
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